Windows 10 May 2019 Update

The windows 10 May 2019 update is on its way to your PC here are my five favorite ways it’s making your PC better it’s hard to believe but this is the eighth feature update to Windows 10 dating back to July 2015 those early feature updates tried pretty hard to add game-changing new features to your PC on the other hand the May 20 19 Update is much more chill by and large it simply improves the features already in your PC remember all those videos where people were caught off guard by unexpected Windows updates disrupting their work Microsoft has now reworked the way in which Windows signals upcoming updates that require you to reboot your PC there’s a new icon on the taskbar intelligent active hours that try to determine when you’re using your PC and even the ability to pause updates for seven days for Windows 10 Pro and now Windows 10 home users – this one’s simple and fun if you’ve wanted to drop in the more complex K emoji such as the flipping the table expression it’s dead simple just open the emoji keyboard and you’ll see a list of popular key emoji as well as symbols to add to text messages and chat windows don’t forget Windows now supports emoji version 12 with objects

like a diving mask and flamingos there’s one fairly major aesthetic change the May 29 update that you need to know about Cortana and the windows search box are now separate boxes it’s not an enormous change though it does mean that Crotona is largely voiced driven now like a smart speaker windows search should already be fast but there’s a new behind the scenes indexer to make it even faster oh and you know if we’re talking aesthetic changes don’t forget about the new light theme either automated Troubleshooters is a feature you may never see and that’s a good thing if you have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi for example you’ve been able to manually open a troubleshooter that run some automated tests and procedures to solve your problem now Windows is promising that it will do more of it behind the scenes so if there’s a problem Windows will figure it out and solve it automatically virtualization is one of the selling points of Windows 10 Pro from the oddly named Windows Defender application guard browser to a full fledged hyper-v virtual machine while Microsoft would like hyper-v to live in the cloud Fanbox lives on your PC it’s a Windows PC within your Windows PC carving out a chunk of its resources to create a safe space to test software and websites it’s extremely simple to use you simply open sandbox test whatever website or app you wish and then close sandbox whatever was in sandbox vanishes when sandbox goes away that’s all for my favorite features but there’s lots more in my formal review as well as a separate list of hidden features that fly beneath the radar so what are yours tell me in the comments below and check out more Windows 10 tips and news from PC world and thanks for watching

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